MTV CNY ident "Unleash the Monkey"

We team up with MTV & Critica SG and go bananas for the Chinese New Year ident

Last January, we were tapped by Critica SG to work on MTV's ident for the Chinese new year. The client's idea was to show artists like Miley, Charlie XCX & Selena transforming into a stylized monkey character, as a nod to 2016 being the year of the monkey. The rotoscoping & tracking was tedious work, but it's definitely one of the best ways to open the brand new lunar year :)

This was featured in From Up North 
Developing the correct style for the Monkey's eyes
Paint or no paint?
Client: MTV / Critica SG
Creative Director (MTV): Mike Tan
Creative Director (Critica): Xavier Oon
Video edit: client
Prod House: Acid House
Character design: Gerone Perez
Styleframe & 2D animation: Gerone Perez, Jo Gregorio & Ivan Despi
Final comp: Ivan Despi
Music: client

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